Service Coordination and Service Coordinators


By now you have probably heard the terms “Service Coordination” and “Service Coordinators,” but are not sure exactly what these terms mean. Service Coordination is an integral part of Long Term Care in the home or community.

Service Coordinators helps to plan for the care needed when someone is experiencing limitations that prevent that person from caring for his or her self.  A Service Coordinator can coordinate client access to various community-based services such as in-home personal assistance, transportation, meals-on-wheels.  The main components of Service Coordination include:

  • Development of an Individualized Care Plan
  • Service Arrangement and Coordination
  • On-going Monitoring of Services and Need

Service Coordinators are the case workers who perform the service coordination on behalf of the consumer.  The service coordinator, service coordination, and the services they put in place, are paid for by the individual medicaid waiver under which a consumer qualifies.

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Our Mission Is To Serve You!

Supports Services and Support Coordination are about getting you the help you need to remain independent in your home or community. It is about coordinating the services you need and developing a plan together that ensures your security and peace of mind. Support and Service Coordination can be obtained for FREE if you meet the government’s financial and medical eligibility guidelines.


You may be entitled to services that include free home personal assistance, transportation, respite care, a personal emergency response system, a certified nursing assistant, or personal care assistant, home modifications, and durable medical equipment.


Many people think that they have no choice when it comes to a disability, brain injury, or nursing care but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There is help out there and we are here to help you access that assistance.


Perhaps you already have waiver services and you would like better communication and assistance. We have over thirty years of combined experience in support services and serving seniors. We have a reputation for utilizing a person-centered approach, which means that you remain fully informed, independent, and in control of every aspect of your care. We are here to serve you.


We are not just a business. We are a community. Everyone in our community understands the process of aging, the impact of disabilities, and the grief of loss. We have all faced it in one form or another. Our personal experiences have driven us to create this community of caring individuals to help you succeed. What a relief it will be when you don’t have to struggle alone and can turn to an entire community of people who care and strive to empower you to live the way you want to live. Our mission is simple. Our mission is to support and empower you to live the life you deserve, with love, caring, and kindness.