I would like to take the time to thank Erin & Vicki and the rest of the staff at aging your way for all of your time and dedication. Before meeting with Aging your way I was having a terrible time fighting through all the red tape and bureaucracy involved within my case. I am so grateful for Erin & Vicki handling my case and making sure I was truly taken care of -from in home health care, setting me up with meals on wheels, and even handling getting a stair lift installed. I will forever be indebted to all of you at aging your way for all your help and support & truly making this time in my life so much better. God bless you all.
I just love this group. they stuck with me followed up with me assured me it would be soon . when it took longer Erin contacted me and said she would push¬†them to finish the case Vicki then called and said everything was in place and I could be eligible the next day. ERin then called and asked about supplies they arrived the next day. I called today and erin jumped on it right away to get the coverage we need If you have a family member you want to take care of instead of sending them away this I the group to use I love aging you way.¬†“
Thank you Aging your Way for always being supportive and caring! If you have an elderly loved one I will totally recommend this agency. Thank you Erin!!